Food Security Programs

Hunger is a significant problem for the thousands of orphans and vulnerable children who live in Acornhoek, a village in rural Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga. Acornhoek is one of South Africa’s poverty nodes, plagued by the consequences of poverty, joblessness, poor education, and disease. Truly Nelson Mandela’s “poorest of the poor”, the people here have a disturbingly high incidence of HIV/AIDS; more than 1 in 3 adults is HIV-positive. Consequently there are a large number of orphaned and vulnerable children. Seeds of Light is working towards alleviating this hunger and malnutrition with our various food security projects.

1. Permaculture Garden Workshops

For many of Acornhoek’s school children, the meal they get at school is the only meal of the day. Seeds of Light is working towards making this meal healthy and nutritious.

Together with Phepheyapi (Leanette) Sithole, the principal at Beretta Primary School, we provide regular permaculture workshops for gardeners, teachers and students from our partner schools. We now have gardeners from twelve local schools, three community gardens and several child-care facilities who attend our permaculture gardening workshops.

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2. Satisfeito

Together with our partner Satisfeito, Seeds of Light is providing healthy food parcels to orphans and vulnerable children. Children from vulnerable households, creches and drop-in centres are provided with supplementary food, especially over school holidays when the children do not benefit from the school meal program.

3. Get to Know Our Schools

Seeds of Light partners with schools which have a strong commitment to providing a high quality education for the children. We work with schools which, with some assistance from Seeds of Light, can develop into healthy, strong learning environments. These diverse projects are based on the school’s development plan that is crafted with the involvement of the parents, the faculty, and the Department of Education.



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