Food Security Programs

For many of Acornhoek’s children, the food they eat at school is their only meal of the day. Acornhoek is an area challenged by marked poverty, a high incidence of HIV/AIDS infection, 70-80% unemployment, extreme heat and unpredictable rainfall. Food security for the children and vulnerable households remains a challenge. Seeds of Light is working to increase food security and climate change resilience in our communities.

Permaculture Garden Workshops

Seeds of Light is teaching and supporting gardeners, school children, and leaders from schools, day care centers, and community gardens, as well as vulnerable households to utilize permaculture gardening principles to grow fresh produce.

The permaculture principles of water conservation, natural fertilizers and companion planting allow the gardeners to produce an array of vegetables, fruits and herbs in an area facing drought conditions – generating food for their families, and often a small income.

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Healthy Food

When the home gardens and school meal programs are not enough to alleviate immediate needs, Seeds of Light helps make healthy food available to orphans and vulnerable children in our neighboring communities. We partner with our local grocery stores and farms to provide supplemental food supplies to children in vulnerable households, daycare and drop-in centers. This is especially important over school holidays when the children do not benefit from a school meal program.

Holiday Lunch at Ekurhuleni