Education And Creativity

“Children who are taught art learn that they are not empty inside—that they always have inner resources to draw on and that they can create something out of nothing. They become adults who find creative solutions to life’s many challenges and therefore adopt a positive attitude. They find their value within and gain a sense of confidence and self-worth: essential qualities for developing a fulfilling life, and perhaps most importantly, a sustainable future for their community.”
– Leslie Temple-Thurston, Seeds of Light Founder

Children’s Art Classes

Seeds of Light offers art classes for over 250 children of all ages and abilities, from preschool to high school, to develop their creativity.

We have watched the children’s skills and creative self-expression blossom as they grow in their ability and explore different art mediums and techniques. All of our children show a noticeable increase in self-confidence and general capability. This is particularly evident in the children with disabilities. The preschool art classes focus on early childhood development skills. This is the first time these children learn to sit at a table, hold a pencil or paintbrush, and encounter basic concepts of color and shape.

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Artists’ and Teachers’ Mentorship Program

The area where Seeds of Light works has an 80% youth unemployment rate. We are supporting talented young artists in our community by offering training and mentorship programs. Providing young people with the skills to create job opportunities and an income is vital to the future of the community.

Two young artists were mentored by Seeds of Light and are now teaching art classes to children of all ages and abilities with minimal supervision.

We also work with local artists to display their art in local galleries and markets providing some young artists with the opportunity to exhibit and sell their artwork.

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Reading Classes

Statistics reveal that South Africa has one of the world’s lowest reading comprehension levels. Almost four in five 10-year-olds fall below the lowest internationally recognized level of reading literacy, and South Africa was recently rated last out of 50 countries in the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS).

Seeds of Light has partnered with volunteer, Laura Matter, a reading expert who helps train community members and teachers to teach reading.

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Saturday Girls’ Education Support

Mapusha Weaving Cooperative

The Mapusha Weaving Cooperative is a small group of local women who are master weavers of organic, hand-spun, hand-dyed wool. Mostly gogos (grandmothers), this humble yet indomitable group came together in the early 1970s with the help of the Catholic mission, who taught the craft to unemployed women in the village so they could earn money to support their families. Having overcome tremendous hardships, including extreme poverty and the ravages of the HIV pandemic, these indomitable women create beautiful weavings, such as rugs, tapestries, bags, and animal and bird mobiles.

The weavers can design a rug to suit any color scheme and dimensions.

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