Education And Creativity

1. Children’s Community Art Classes

“Children who are taught art learn that they are not empty inside, that they always have inner resources to draw on and that they can create something out of nothing. They become adults who find creative solutions to life’s many challenges and therefore adopt a positive attitude. They find their value within and gain a sense of confidence and self-worth – essential qualities for developing a fulfilling life, and perhaps most importantly a sustainable future for their community.” – Leslie Temple-Thurston, Seeds of Light Founder.

Seeds of Light has expanded our children’s art classes in the last few years to include three weekly art classes, one for primary School children at the “New Dawn art center”, one for High School pupils at Shiobianya High School and one at Ekurhuleni Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, all in Acornhoek.

Teaching children art teaches them to use their right brain, balancing it with the left-brain. The children grow up far more balanced in every possible aspect of their lives, not just around making art. But perhaps the main blessing that art training gives a child, a gift that keeps on giving throughout their lives, is that they realize that they are not empty inside. They are well set up to discover, as their lives unfold, that they have vast inner resources to use in their future.

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2. Mapusha Weaving Cooperative

The weavers are a small group of women from the village of Rooiboklaagte, in Acornhoek. The group came together in the early 1970s, with the help of the Catholic mission, as a way for unemployed women in the village to learn a craft and earn money to support their families. The women now have been trained in the crafts of weaving, sewing, spinning, and dyeing. They craft beautiful rugs, tapestries, bags, and animal and bird mobiles.

Seeds of Light supports the cooperative through helping maintain the studio, teaching business skills, and bringing in tour groups. Their website is

3. Scholarship Program

Seeds of Light has sponsored a number of individuals who show real promise by providing grants to cover the cost of fees for education. This includes secondary education and university and technical training in a variety of skills. These grants have resulted in profound change in the lives of people who receive them. This is a life-changing opportunity not only for the student but also for the community, with a potential ripple effect that goes out far beyond the success of just one student. Read here about three of our scholarship success stories.



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