Scholarship Success Stories

Langutelani with his driver’s permit

Langutelani Moyana works as a gardener at the Seeds of Light Center in South Africa. He was orphaned and went to live with his grandmother along with his other sibings. He has a beautiful three year old daughter and is the sole wage earner for his family. Langu is a kind, bright, generous person who often gives what he earns to other members of his family so they can attend school or prepare for a job.  He will be volunteering at Ekurhuleni Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children on weekends to give back to his community.  He would like to move into a career in social services, health or with the police and needed a driver’s license to be qualified to apply. We expect to see great things from him over the next few years and love him dearly.

Happiness with grandparents at her graduation

Seeds of Light sponsored Happiness Lubisi to attend a one-year program at Zigna Training Center to become certified as an Auxiliary Social Worker, assisting people in obtaining ID documents and grants for orphaned and vulnerable children. She is a self starter and a natural networker. She cares deeply about her community and the welfare of children, and she embodies her name as she radiates love and joy wherever she goes.

Happiness is a 26 year-old single mother. She is an orphan herself and supports 3 younger sisters and a younger brother. She worked in the healing room at Funjwa Primary School for 3 years before starting the social work program. The school principal, Daphne Mhaule, describes Happiness as “a dedicated and compassionate person”. Happiness said, “My heart is in working with the children. I have seen many kids who are orphans, and children who are abused physically and emotionally. I want to help a million people who are out there suffering and abused”. It is a privilege for Seeds of Light to support Happiness in taking the next step in her career.

Angy with her driver’s license!

Angy Dibakwana is a weaver at the Mapusha Weaving Cooperative. Her own mother died when she was young.  She is the single mother of five-year old Tiamo and also cares for her blind father, her unemployed brother, and her orphaned niece at their home, which is one hour’s walk from the studio. Angy is a hard worker and a wonderful weaver.

Angy’s dream is to become a police officer. She sees the effect of crime on her village and wants to do something to address the problem. In order to apply to become an officer, you must first have a driver’s license and computer training. Seeds of Light provided a scholarship for Angy to attend driving school and has started training her on the computer. We hope to help Angy realize her dream!



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