Permaculture Garden Workshops

Using the permaculture principles of water conservation, natural fertilizers and companion planting, the gardens now produce a wide array of vegetables, fruit and herbs. They use no artificial pesticides or fertilizers. The school uses the vegetables and fruit produced by the gardens not only to provide a healthy meal for all of the children at school but also to provide food for the most vulnerable children to take home.

Trygive Nxumalo, who is the gardener at Senianya School, also teaches at our workshops. Trygive has also started a large community garden and is supplying his surrounding community with fresh produce. He is very keen to share his knowledge and is presently helping three local crèches to start permaculture gardens.

Our recent partnership with AWARD (Association for Water and Rural Development) has increased the scope of our involvement with local schools by bringing the garden instruction into the classroom. We are hoping that by teaching the children the permaculture principles, they can start their own gardens at home.

This is an inspiring way for communities to learn to help themselves.



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