Beretta Primary School

From the moment you drive through the front gate to Beretta Primary School, you know you have entered a special place. It has the most beautiful garden of any Seeds of Light school. Leanette Sithole, the principal, is a permaculture expert and has a genuine love of gardening. You can often find her working in the school garden on holidays and weekends. Very soon you will have a chance to meet this amazing woman when the Beretta video is completed.

Leanette Sithole, principal Beretta Primary School in garden

Leanette Sithole, Principal, in the Garden

Learners in Beretta Primary School Garden, South Africa

Learners in the School Garden

The school was started in January, 1985 with 313 pupils and three educators including the principal, Leanette Sithole. The school is situated in a deep poverty area. Most parents are not working and if they work, earn about R700 per month (about $100 U.S.) with many children to take care of. The community has an extremely high rate of HIV/AIDS (estimated at least 1 in 3) so consequently, there are many orphaned children, approximately 300 of the 900 learners. There are also about 26 children in the school who have tested HIV+; there are quite a few more who have not tested, but are believed to be HIV+.

In 2006, A Spring of Hope, a Seeds of Light partner, drilled a borehole and brought fresh water to the school. Those two projects brought a huge upliftment to the school. This moved the school a long way in their development process and they have won numerous awards for permaculture, school beautification, and athletics.Welcome to Beretta Clinic Sign In 2007, plans for a library and clinic building were approved and A Spring of Hope finished building the structure in April, 2008. Seeds of Light, in partnership with Hlokomela, operates a primary medical clinic one day a week at the school. We would love to add additional days, if funding is secured. The need for medical attention is critical for many of these children. Seeds of Light also assists the school with the garden. Everything we do with this school is a joy!

Wish list:

  • Cots for ill children (need 5)
    $135 each
  • Netball posts
    $550 per pair
  • Ear, nose and throat machine for clinic
  • Blood pressure machine
  • Children’s water mugs (need 600)
    $1 each
  • Classroom chairs (need 500)
    $13 each
Kids Waiting for the Beretta School Clinic, South Africa

Waiting in Line for the Clinic



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