Youth Makes a Difference

Hello. My name is Lily Obrien and I am 12 years old. This past year for my sixth grade service project I worked with Seeds of Light. I did three projects: One Hat One Heart, Change 4 Change and an art supply drive. I received 11 hats, $75 and 3 bags of art supplies. I plan to continue working with Seeds of Light for my seventh and eighth grade service projects. It felt really good to know that what I did will make hundreds of children have better lives.

Native South African Returns Home

I recently spent a month in South Africa, volunteering with Seeds of Light.  Nothing quite prepared me for the profound heart opening experience I was about to have.  I was born in South Africa, but spending a month with Seeds of Light allowed me to see my homeland with new eyes.
My greatest delight was spending time with the children – the beautiful children – who come from the most dire of circumstances, and yet, were filled with joy and excitement at the prospect of visitors coming into their daily lives.  My service included teaching English classes, assisting with teaching the weekly children’s art class, and volunteering at the Mapusha Weaving Cooperative, creating animal mobiles and teaching Reiki .  I also visited the Seeds of Light sponsored health clinic, and got to be there for the borehole drilling at Hloaia Primary School.  Together with the children, we watched, with great anticipation, as the drill bore deeper and deeper into the earth until finally, at a depth of 90 metres, they “struck gold.” The precious water rushed up to the surface with a great big gush, accompanied by the jubilant cheering of the children!
During my month, I entered into an intimate connection with all the courageous and beautiful souls touched by the work of Seeds of Light in the Acornhoek area.  As a volunteer and a Seeds of Light supporter, I am in awe of how their work opens up unlimited possibilities and extraordinary potential in my homeland, South Africa.  I am indebted and grateful.




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