What We Do

“For me, an area of moral clarity is: you’re in front of someone who’s suffering and you have the tools at your disposal to alleviate that suffering or even eradicate it, and you act.” – Paul Farmer

Seeds of Light projects encompass five main areas of focus:

Food security programs: As hunger is still a significant problem in this impoverished area of rural South Africa, Seeds of Light is involved with many projects to ensure food security for the children and their families. Read about our permaculture workshops, food parcel distribution and school gardens.

Leadership: Read more here about our Acornhoek Leadership Forum. Our leaders are making great changes to their communities with their grass-roots community projects and with life skills teach-backs. Meet our leaders here and read more about their projects and successes.

Education and creativity: Seeds of Light runs numerous art classes and educational projects in the Acornhoek area, providing children with much needed creative stimulation.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children: The Ekurhuleni Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, is a unique community-based project dedicated to providing emotional, physical, mental, social and spiritual support to orphans and other disadvantaged children whose parents are not able to care for them due to illness and extreme poverty. Read more about this and our other projects that serve the needs of the orphans and vulnerable children in Acornhoek.

Health and Dignity: The lack of sanitary supplies for girls in rural areas leads to a huge problem of school absenteeism and drop out. Learn what Seeds of Light is doing to address this and other health issues in Acornhoek.



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